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Business and Corporate.


Working with you to help your business grow and succeed. Providing long-term perspective to plan for the future. 

Business Law

Seattle and Kitsap County Business & Corporate Attorney

We help small and medium sized businesses in Seattle and throughout Kitsap County and King County by helping you establish your business and choosing the entity that is best suited to your long-term goals and objectives or assisting you with purchasing an existing business. Once the business is off and running, we help with your business operations by reviewing and preparing contracts and agreements, reviewing leases, advising you with employment matters, and other issues.  When it is time for transition, we assist you with the transfer or and sale of your business, or help you wind up business operations. 


Contact Robert Huber, a professional and experienced Seattle and Kitsap County business and corporate law attorney.  Call the Law Office of Robert C. Huber today at 206-866-1208 to schedule an initial consultation, or contact us online.

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