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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning.


Helping you and your family members plan for the future.  Providing long-term perspective with personal estate planning.

Wills • Trusts • Health Care Directives • Legacy Planning  

Seattle and Kitsap County Estate Planning Attorney

We assist individuals and families develop strategies to maintain their financial security and facilitate the transfers of property and assets at death.  After learning about your goals, we help you achieve them by drafting the necessary wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, health care durable power of attorney, health care directive, and other related documents.  A well crafted estate plan will speak for you when you're not able to speak for yourself.


Asset Protection and Planning for You and Your Family's Future

We take a comprehensive approach to understand the unique circumstances of each family, tax ramifications and potential costs of different options.  We help you get an estate plan in place that will help your family and loved ones avoid unnecessary complications and legal expenses upon your death or incapacitation.


The Law Office of Robert C. Huber provides Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County and King County with professional and experienced estate planning advice. Helping you understand essential estate planning matters and preparing an estate plan tailored to your needs and goals enables you to: 


  • Use wills and trusts, including irreocable trusts and revocable living trusts, to support your family and loved ones.  Well-planned wills and trusts enable you to make the charitable contributions to those organizations and issues that you cherish. 


  • Designate how your property and assets are distributed by specifying the indiviudals and processes that you want to be involved. These include naming the personal representatives, beneficiaries, attorneys-in-fact, trustees, guardians and others that will be involved in carrying out your wishes.​


  • Name those individuals that you want to make health-care decisions and care for you if you are not able to make your own decisions or become incapacitated.  We help you plan for this possibility by drafting powers of attorney, living wills and advance directives for medical decisions to establish who will be responsble for making these vital decisions.


  • Avoid estate tax by using trusts, gifts, and other methods while distributing your assets to your family, loved ones, and charitable causes.


  • Support your family and loved ones by providing specific plans and procedures that will keep unnecessary disputes to a minimum. 


Contact Robert Huber, a professional and experienced Bainbridge Island, Washington estate planning attorney.  Call the Law Office of Robert C. Huber today at 206-866-1208 to schedule an initial consultation, or contact us online.

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